The camp’s main appeal is Coach Zan Tabak’s athletic and coaching experience. He is one of the most dominant “centers” in the history of the European BASKETBALL. Few “big men” in the world can present such a knowledge. Coach Tabak’s winning records speak for its self including Euro League, FIBA, Olympic and NBA titles and medals.

Tabak represented the lineage of centers dominating on the international scene and reaching to the levels of authentic stars. Having Coach Tabak played throughout his career with legends such as; Hakeem Olajuwon, Dino Rada and the mythical Dino Meneghin, among many others established a great career for him.

The teachings and the experience are what served him now, during his present career as a coach. Coach Tabak has been training some of the best talent from Europe including players like: Felipe Reyes, Marcus Slaughter, Salah Mejri, Leon Radosevic, Rasad Mahalbasic, Ondrej Balvin and the young Israeli Itay Segev. His debut as a coach started with Real Madrid, where he was accustomed to working at the highest level as he did in his playing days.

He has always worked specifically with the “centers / post players¨ as a coach or as an assistant. The combination of all these factors makes his professional impact a rare to find among other coaches.

Through this program, Coach Zan Tabak looks to go beyond professional basketball and to share his vast experience with young players.