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Chema Gonzalez

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Montakit Fuenlabrada

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CHEMA GONZALEZ (Born August 15, 1991) is a Spanish profesional basketball player for Montakit Fuenlabrada of the ACB League (Spain). His height is 6.8tf and he plays at the center position.

He started his profesional career with El Bulevar Avila, Leb Silver category, in 2011.

After 2 years started to play,in the same category, with Fuenlabrada 2nd team

On season 2014/2015 Chema played with Cocinas Clavijo, Leb Gold category.

On season 2015/2016 he played his 1st season as oficial ACB player with Baloncesto Fuenlabrada until season 2018/2019.